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Virtual Estate creates immersive virtual reality experiences to give life to your architectural projects and allows you to present them in an attractive way. It allows multiple users to participate at the same time in the review sessions and the results are better designs, shorter deadlines and a more effective process.

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Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality

All our products can be delivered in a multiplatform link to insert it into your CRM, web, Facebook and Instagram.

You can watch it from TV, PC, tablet, Smartphone or through Virtual reality glasses.

We also offer to create the APP with your brand and publicize all your projects through it.


Virtual Estate is a new technology development studio dedicated exclusively to the production of content for the real estate market, creating a sales tool for developers, marketers, real estate and architecture studios

At Virtual Estate we are aware that buyers have an important decision to make when buying or renting a property. It is not enough to imagine their next home or enterprise, they want to live it, to perceive the environment, to go through the regulations and to locate themselves in the spaces. We Make It Reality.

Make use of our technology, it will help you to see from any place and at any time the possibility of changing the experience of acquisition of the property, by a tangible and very similar to the real, helping in the decision making and accelerating the purchase or rental, positioning them successfully against it and its competitors.

I lived the new real estate market with Virtual Estate.


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